LANCASTER, PA -- KCD Software's custom 3D Design-to-CNC with new fastener options will be on display October 18-19 at Wood Pro Expo Lancaster. KCD Software enables custom cabinet and closet designers to design without worrying about instructions for the CNC machine or its operator, with:

  • Embedded intelligence that automatically assembles the cut list for the CNC machine.
  • Automatic confirmation that instructions and measurements are consistent, accurate and realistic.
  • True Shape nesting and CNC Manager for sheet optimization.
  • Selective machining for a multitude of fastener systems from the marketplace including newly emerging systems from LockDowel, FastenLink, and Lamello and traditional fasteners such as Rafix, doweling, and confirmat.

Easy construction setup offers other  fastening options, including dado, blind dado, butt-joint, rabbet – and more. If a cabinetmaker decides to switch systems, KCD Software makes the change seamlessly. The automatic assembly of cut list right from the designer’s design eliminates several major hassles for custom cabinet and closet makers. As KCD Software owner and developer John Murphy explains, “Let’s say you want to design a line of cabinets with one finished side. With KCD Software, you don’t have to interrupt the design phase to set up elaborate CNC instructions. The software automatically understands the design and creates a cut list with one finished side.”

In many custom cabinet and closet shops, several people may handle different stages of a single project or one person may be expected to expertly handle every stage. KCD Software makes sure that communications are clear from designer to CNC operator and makes up for a lack of experience in CNC manufacturing by automatically checking both the original measurements and CNC instructions. KCD Software confirms that both measurements and instructions are
consistent, accurate and realistic, helping to ensure that orders are executed correctly from design through manufacturing.

KCD Software will be exhibiting in Booth 110 at WoodPro Expo Lancaster. Click HERE to see a complete exhibitor list.

About Wood Pro Expo
Wood Pro Expo is the regional show series that brings education, equipment, and supplies close to cabinetmakers and custom woodworking businesses around the country. It will include a strong educational program on best practices for shop production, and as well as an expo oriented to equipment and supplies geared to the small and medium size shops, including CNC basics, employee recruitment, finishing, lean manufacturing, business management, software, and shop safety.
Launched in 2014 in Baltimore, Wood Pro Expo was first held in Lancaster in October, 2017.  It returns to Lancaster October 18-19, 2018 and Charlotte March 16-18, 2019.

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