How to partner with Professional Organizers
May 18, 2022 | 1:00 pm CDT

Caitlin Sirianni Image Professional organizers take stock of a client’s possessions and lifestyle and develop a process and plan for decluttering and purging as well as designing both an intangible and tangible system of techniques and strategies allowing for lifelong organization.

“Normally we act more as a liaison to our client in terms of here’s what you should be asking for, here’s what we recommend, here’s what we see that works really well. And then they’re able to have that conversation with the designer to make sure that they’re getting that perfect custom space to fit their needs,” says Cait Sirianni, owner and Regional Director NE, NEAT Method Philadelphia.

In other scenarios, once a closet has been designed and the clients are ready to unpack the new space, a professional organizer can come, set it up so that it optimizes every inch and functions to meet their needs. Also, final touches like baskets, drawer dividers, or any type of insert can be added.

“So, we’ve connected at all stages,” Sirianni adds. “It just depends on the client and how much they want both ends to be involved.”

In this webinar, Working with Professional Organizers, Sirianni will share several tips on how closet design firms can reap the benefits of partnering with professional organizers. This is a 30-minute presentation with Q&A to follow. Sponsored by Rev-A-Shelf.


Caitlin Sirianni
Owner, NEAT Method Philadelphia
Michaelle Bradford
Editor, Closets & Organized Storage