Webinar: Design Trends
September 16, 2020 | 1:00 pm CDT
Learn the latest trends in design and color, along with organization tips and how to look for inspiration in a pandemic. Presenter Linda Koopersmith, The Beverly Hills Organizer, will share how her unique approach is based on her expertise in organization and her eye for fine detail. “This combination is the secret that makes the magic happen in all of my design work, allowing me to create spaces tailored to your specific needs and house all of your belongings,” she said.
About the speaker: Koopersmith began her career as a professional organizer in 1985 after realizing she had a gift when it came to seeing space where others saw none. “I began my career with this simple principle in mind and ever since have been able to transform the spaces of clients and students alike, thus saving them all time and money.”
In 1991, Koopersmith invented the upright folding technique which is now used by many people around the world. “Desperate to keep my two-year old's drawers neat and tidy, I began to place her folded garments upright. By doing so, I created what I now call the birds eye view.” 
Her career has expanded over the years and includes being a closet designer, interior designer, product designer, author, keynote speaker, TV co-host on a national series (“Clean House” on Style Network), spokesperson for corporations, consultant, as well as a real estate agent, mover, staging homes for resale, and home remodeling. 
This is a 30-minute presentation, with Q&A to follow.
Linda Koopersmith
Professional organizer / Expert designer
Michaelle Bradford
Editor, Closets & Organized Storage
Laurel Didier
Publisher, Closets & Organized Storage