Spray Finishing Workshop in Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio — Carlisle Fluid Technologies (Binks, DeVilbiss, Ransburg, MS, BGK) and Owens Community College have partnered to present a Spray Finishing Technology Workshop. This three-day intensive training program will be held from November 6-8, 2024, in Toledo, Ohio. Classes run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily and include classroom and hands-on sessions.

Attendees should be involved with industrial, contractor, or maintenance spray finishing applications, or in spray equipment sales and distribution. The workshop topics include:

  • Equipment types and selection: Understanding the various types of spray finishing equipment and how to choose the right one for specific applications.
  • Equipment set-up, operation, and maintenance: Detailed instructions on setting up, operating, and maintaining spray finishing equipment to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Surface preparation and defect analysis: Techniques for preparing surfaces before spray finishing and methods for identifying and correcting defects.
  • Material selection: Guidance on selecting the appropriate materials for different spray finishing applications.
  • Safety and regulatory concerns: Information on safety protocols and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and safe operation.

To register or for additional information, contact Jaime Wineland, Owens Community College, Workforce and Community Services Division at 800-466-9367, ext. 7320, or by email at [email protected]. Information is also available online at Owens Community College.


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