PureBond Fabricator Green Cabinet Conference April 12
Chip Wade, the go-to carpenter for numerous home improvement shows, will talk about his ventures in 3D visualzation and remodeling services.

Registration is now open for the Columbia Forest Products PureBond Fabricator Network Conference, running April 12, 2017, at the Renaissance Hotel & Conference Center near Chicago.The day-long event includes a marketing keynote, sessions on green cabinetry and furniture design, lunch, and a PureBond Quality Awards event. It is co-located with the 2017 Cabinets & Closets Expo, allowing PureBond Conference attendees to also visit the Expo floor as part of their registration. Columbia Forest Products will be prominent among the show floor exhibitors. Save $55:  Request your discount registration code.  Among the speakers are Chip Wade, HGTV master carpenter star, and Kip Howlett, president of the Hardwood Plywood.  Learn more about the speakers>>

    PureBond Fabricator Network Green Cabinet Conference Agenda - April 12, 2017

8:35 a.m. Welcome: Columbia Forest Products & PureBond Fabricator Network

Presenter: Columbia Forest Products Experts
Columbia Forest Products and its distributor partners welcome you, and set the agenda for an action packed day. You’ll get an update on the latest developments in the PureBond Fabricator Network.

9:00-10:00 a.m. Expo Keynote: Lead Generation: What's Trending in the Hunt for Cabinet Buyers? 

Presenters: Todd Bairstow, Keywords Connect & Lauren Mobyed, Google, Inc.
These experts in search will show you what consumers are hunting for – and the terms they use - when seeking cabinetry and remodeling services. This will help you capture more inquiries and leads.

10:15  SMSM: Social Media = Simple Marketing 

Presenter: Zach Williams, Principal, Venveo
Cabinet shops can use social media to funnel in prospects and bids. And it’s surprisingly easy to keep up your social media presence in your spare time, every day.

11:00 a.m.  What You Should Know about EPA’s New Formaldehyde Rules 

Presenter: Tim Spayde, Columbia Forest Products
The road to new regulations of panel formaldehyde emissions have followed a tumultuous path. What new twists are ahead, and how will the new national law impact your business?

11:45 a.m. Phone Break

12:15 p.m. Lunch & a Look at The Millennial Consumer

Presenter: Zach Williams, Principal, Venveo; Moderator: Bill Esler, Woodworking Network
Williams returns with a first-hand look at preferences and influences of this wave of consumers on your market. How should you respond to it?

1:00  Forbidden Woods: What you need to know about the Lacey Act

Presenter: Kip Howlett, President, Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association
New tenets of the law protecting endangered species will affect woodworkers, and your clients. What are your liabilities on veneers and lumber newly outlawed by the Lacey Act.

 1:45 –  A Vision for Designing the Future, Today
Presenter: Chip Wade, HGTV Carpenter
HGTV host and construction entrepreneur demonstrates his newest ventures, and how he’s applying leading-edge, immersive 3D renderings to present his designs, and sell projects to clients.

 2:30 –  Free Time to Visit Cabinets & Closets 2017 Expo Floor Get a hands-on look at the latest offerings from Columbia Forest Products, in Booth 236 on the expo floor, one level below the PFN Conference. Come on down!

5:30  Awards Reception – Top Shelf Design Awards and PureBond Quality Awards 

After the show, head to the gala awards reception, where we will recognize the 2016 PureBond Quality Award winners, and make the call for Entries in the 2017 program.

"When we launched the PureBond Quality Awards five years ago, we were amazed at the reception. Now we make to bring this community together real-time with the PureBond Fabricator Network Conference."
The program is open to all building and remodeling professionals. Members of the PureBond Fabricator Network are eligible for discounted registration.
About PureBond Hardwood Plywood The original cost-competitive decorative hardwood plywood without the formaldehyde. PureBond® is Columbia Forest Products’ exclusive formaldehyde-free innovation for hardwood plywood manufacturing. Replacing traditional urea formaldehyde (UF) hardwood plywood construction with soy-based PureBond enables Columbia to eliminate any added formaldehyde from standard veneer-core and pMDI composite hardwood plywood core panels. That’s great news for our employees, our customers and the air we all breathe. Learn more about PureBond>>