OFM announces Office Throwback contest winners
June 14, 2016 | 2:13 pm CDT

OFM, a manufacturer and distributor of office and school furniture, has announced the winners of its Office Throwback Contest on Instagram. Those who took place had to share the oldest item in their workplace.

“Every office has a vintage piece of equipment lurking somewhere,” said Blake Zalcberg, chief operating officer of OFM. “Sometimes that’s because it’s still in regular use. Other times it’s because no one can bring themselves to throw it out. We thought it would be fun to take a look at what we’re all hanging on to.”


OFM kicks off office throwback contest

In a new contest, office and school furniture manufacturer and distributor OFM is encouraging office workers around the country to share the oldest item in their office.

OFM selected one winner in each of the three categories: 1) Oldest; 2) Most Unusual, and; 3) Best All-Around Photo.

The winner of the Oldest category went to wittenathan, who entered a photo of a 1950s-era Remington Travel-Riter typewriter.

The winner of the Most Unusual category went to standardbusinessfurniture, who submitted a vintage Bates List Finder phone directory.

The winner of the Best All-Around photo went to javajohnz , who entered a photo of his 1980s-era Pet Rock.

Each winner will each receive two modular stools from OFM’s Jupiter, Hex or Quin series collection in the color of their choice.

OFM's Jupiter Stool.

In previous OFM contests, participants showed the clever ways they prevent their staplers from being borrowed by their coworkers, discussed what their work desk says about them and shared the doodles they drew during long meetings in the office.

“At OFM, we know that the office isn’t just a workplace,” added Zalcberg. “It’s where we spend most of our day, thinking, working and even daydreaming. These contests help us continue to design furniture for the way that people actually work.”

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