Mirka’s patented and state-of-art net abrasives have made a turnaround in the abrasive market. Mirka has been pioneering the dust-free net sanding since year 2000 with its brand Abranet and thanks to its unique patented innovations, the company continues to be the forerunner. Abranet is the most effective solution available, both from the health and safety aspects as well as economically and environmentally. Mirka is now proudly presenting the first narrow belt net abrasive, Abranet Max, for the wood industry, at the world’s leading trade fair for the woodworking industry, Ligna 2015 in Hannover, Germany 11th -15th  May.

Among the company’s wide range of innovative solutions and unique products, the company is also launching a new ceramic premium abrasive paper, Q.Silver Ace, for tougher sanding. This new product is also included in the new system solution for solid surface. Also a new unique Polarshine Fast-Finish System for high gloss surfaces will be launched at Ligna.

During the last years, Mirka has successfully launched its new generation of electric sanders. Mirka Deros was awarded twice in year 2014, with both the IF product Design Award and the Red Dot Industrial Design Award 2014. Mirka DEROS is playing an important part of the Dust-free Perfection.

Innovative companies like Mirka, set trends and continuously develop new products and solutions. Being a global company, selling to more than 100 markets all around the world, Mirka’s professional staff are running live demonstrations during the whole exhibition time at stand B10 in Hall 15.

KWH Mirka Ltd is part of the Finnish family owned KWH Group and a world leader in abrasives technology innovation. Mirka is offering a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, innovatively designed tools, complete sanding and polishing solutions as well as related supplementary products. These total innovative solutions deliver real benefits to customers in terms of speed, first-class efficiency, surface finish quality and cost effectiveness, even when tackling the most demanding applications.

In addition to being a specialist in flexible abrasives, the company has through its innovative research and development program, also launched new microfinishing products for optimised engineered surface finishing processes, as well as revolutionary, patented net abrasives which allow customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process. Moreover, the growing Mirka Power Tools department develops and manufactures advanced sanding and polishing machines, providing outstanding ergonomic and functional benefits to users. These innovatively designed tools combined with a range of effective, high quality accessories, give Mirka´s customers’ unmatched access to a complete sanding solution to meet their individual needs.

Mirka is continuously looking for opportunities to reduce its environmental footprint. Since 1995, the direct environmental investments have been more than EUR 5 million. The sustainable energy production processes have been trimmed during the last year, referring to Ekokem's bioenergy plant located at the company’s main production plant in Jeppo, which is driven by sanding material spillage, chips and energy waste. These fuels replace heavy fuel oil. The other process where the use of fossil fuels in part has been replaced by biogas is the purification plant for process gas. The development of more energy-saving manufacturing processes is being further extended, and the subsidiaries' energy usage, primarily in the form of vehicle fuel, is considerable and is measured today. Mirka’s sustainability and corporate responsibility are built on four Clean Commitments; Clean Proactivity, Clean Partner, Clean Production and Clean Performance.

The company started up its fourth production facility in Jakobstad and a wide belt conversion unit in Belgium a couple of years ago. Today, Mirka has production facilities on four different locations: Jeppo, Oravais, Karis and Jakobstad, all in Finland. Mirka’s biggest investment for 2015, is the building project of a new hall for an additional new production line at the company’s main location in Jeppo. The new hall is 4740 m2 and will equip a new production line, further processing lines and facilities for logistics and shipping. The production line will be built on a completely new technique, being an effective high capacity line and at the same time energy-saving. After the extension, Mirka has a total area of about 48 500 m2 in use in Jeppo, Finland.

 ”The new production line will give us completely new possibilities. With our new technique, we are able to develop totally new kinds of products, and these can be produced in a cost-effective way in high volumes and, when needed, adapted to customer needs”, says CEO Stefan Sjöberg. “We have a good growth on the market, and we can now guarantee that we can not only meet the demand but also continue to be the forerunner in our business with innovative new solutions”.

 Mirka continuously tests new methods and systematically follows up how its products perform in the field. Close cooperation with end-users is a cornerstone of this approach and ensures a steady stream of valuable feedback. Most of Mirka’s products and innovations, in fact, are developed as a result of customer input.

Mirka is a globally expanding company with subsidiaries located in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Headquarters and production are located in Finland. More than 95% of the company’s products are exported and sold in more than 100 countries.

Mirka is the first company in its sector to obtain the three most important quality standards. The production process guarantees reliable quality by following the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. The OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system ensures a high level of work safety. The ISO 14001 environmental management system proves that we consider the environment in all the company’s activities.

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