Lucky of LiveForm Design located in Chicago, Illinois, won the 2017 Best in Wood Custom Furniture category with this walnut sideboard project.

Project Description

Walnut Sideboard with Steel Base. 30 inches high by 24 inches deep by 54 inches wide.

Best In Wood

2017 Best In Wood winners announced at Wood Pro Expo

Winners of the 2017 Best in Wood competition.

Project Construction Details

After mapping both the curves and angles at the natural edge of the walnut slabs that make up the case, a surface was extrapolated which became the dramatic carved face of this cabinet. Careful selection of the boards to be carved and invisible hardware allows the shape of that surface to take the forefront. The patinated steel base is bent to compliment the same curve and provide a visual anchor to the activity of the wood.

Materials Used

Slabs for carcass and lumber for the carved doors are locally felled, sawn, and dried American Black Walnut. Custom made bronze door hardware. Machined, bent, welded, and patiniated steel base.

Equipment and/or Software Used

In addition to all the usual solid-wood processing and finishing equipment, I used (the services of people who own and use) Solidworks. Shopbot CNC router. CNC milling machine. I also did the manual machining and welding on the base.

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