Sauder Closets partners with Kesseböhmer and Elektra

ARCHBOLD, Ohio—Sauder Closets, a leading provider of builder-grade closet systems, announced new strategic partnerships with Kesseböhmer, an innovator in clever storage solutions, and Elektra, a German lighting manufacturer. The company said these collaborations mark a significant step in Sauder Closets’ mission to elevate the function and aesthetic appeal of affordable storage solutions.

Through this alliance, Sauder Closets will integrate Kesseböhmer’s advanced storage components and Elektra’s sophisticated lighting systems into its product offerings, transforming economical closet systems into visually stunning, highly efficient storage spaces that rival those found in high-end residential projects, Sauder added.

Multifamily housing

"At Sauder Closets, we believe that luxury should be accessible to everyone, and our partnerships with Kesseböhmer and Elektra are a testament to this vision," said Jonathan Zublena, Executive Vice President of Sauder Closets. "By incorporating innovative storage solutions and state-of-the-art lighting, we can provide builders and developers with an unparalleled product that meets both their budgetary constraints and their desire for premium quality."

In the multifamily housing market, builders frequently resort to basic white, ventilated closet systems that lack both style and function. Sauder Closets said it is poised to change this narrative by offering a cost-effective yet luxurious alternative that will make any space magazine spread ready.

Innovative storage and elegant lighting

Kesseböhmer’s range of products, including pull-out systems, corner units, and bespoke shelving, will be seamlessly integrated into Sauder Closets, offering customized options catering to diverse needs and preferences.

And Elektra’s cutting-edge lighting technology, from ambient LED strips to sensor-activated lights, Elektra’s products will ensure that every Sauder Closet is not only functional but also visually captivating.

"These partnerships allow us to redefine what builder-grade can look like," Zublena continued. "Our closets will not only be practical and affordable but also stylish and sophisticated, making them an ideal choice for any multifamily development."

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