GrainWell is a creative wood shop producing signage, displays, and wood centric decor designed and crafted by three sisters in Covington, KY.  
The woodworking business, launched by Michelle Kirn and two of her sisters, told their story at a business event, presenting, "From Makers and Sisters Into Business Partners," during NewCo Cincinnati, a celebration of start-ups in Cincinnati last month. 
The two also received a funding stiped to expand their business, launched in 2015, through Bad Girls Ventures, a  program for women-owned manufacturing businesses. Bad Girl Ventures is an educational and micro-finance, non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting female entrepreneurs to start and sustain well-managed and profitable businesses through business education classes, guidance from mentors and coaches, and access to debt capital.
The trio describes their business at their website:
We are three sisters designing and creating wood-centric decor at our workshop in Covington, Kentucky. 
We are producing one-of-a-kind products from quality materials and each good is a representation of our similar yet unique personalities.
We do it all. From dumpster diving, breaking down barns, and hand selecting quality wood to the designing, building and finishing all our products.
We pride ourselves on creating products that celebrate the authenticity of the material. Each piece of wood we work with is inspected for uniqueness and then transformed into a one-of-a-kind good. From modern home decor to customized statement pieces, we strive to produce goods that are well done. #grainwelldone

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