Dallas Gara is an artisan woodworker who creates one-of-a-kind art furniture under the name GaraWood, located in Calgary, Alberta,with his work exhibited at the Bluerock Gallery there.
Gara says he is producing classic Sam Maloof inspired fine furniture. Each piece is created with care and attention to detail to provide a heirloom quality piece.
Gara is a geophysicist by formal training, and had been working in the tar sands oil fields throughout the province since taking his degree in seismology and geophysics in 2002. As the oil boom went bust, he turned what has been a serious hobby of into a full-fledged career, and launched GaraWood.

"The business is going well," says Gara. "I am pretty much out in my garage everyday working, and I seem to have orders from customers fairly constantly." Befitting his training in science, Gara takes a precise and analytical approach to his woodworking, and shares his methodology both online and live.

"I have done talks on woodworking. I have also taught people one-on-one," says Gara. "Using Instagram I try to teach through pictures and videos and emails to people. I try to do small instructional 'how-to' videos and even video series on complete projects."

Gara has also been nominated for the 2017  Wood Industry 40 Under 40 Awards,

"I get a lot of feed back and try my best to answer questions and help people through the steps of a piece," says Gara. "I guess I feel like people have helped me so much to get to where I am, that I want to try and help others too."

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