Designed with Canadian engineering firm Stantec, WallGoldfinger's open-center elliptical is an example of masterful craftsmanship.
Measuring 17 feet wide and 22 feet long, the table features plain-sliced walnut veneer and a three-inch-wide solid walnut reverse knife edge. A solid walnut pencil stop is featured on the top edge of the interior.
The matching plain-sliced walnut veneer base features an interior elliptical wall with four embedded 48-inch monitors and a faceted exterior wall with doors to access. The base even features a pass-through slot for more efficient cleaning of the area inside the table.
WallGoldfinger CEO John Wall passing through the table.
The pass through door allows the table to maintain its continuous elliptical shape (as compared to a C- or U-shaped table) and prevents any disruption in tabletop. The table also features button microphones and a cable cubby for monitor control.
Check out a video of the making of the table here.

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