Ultra-thin veneer, carbon fiber sandwich makes award-winning chair
The 0.6 Chair, seen here in the center, gets its name from being only 0.6cm thick, which is less than one-quarter inch.

The 0.6 Chair is a robust, long-lasting dining and café chair with an efficient yet simple production process. Using a new process of laminating wood, the chair is composed of a sandwich of wood veneer and carbon fiber that reduces the thickness of the chair to just 0.6 cm (less than a quarter of an inch). By using a mold in two parts, the manufacturing time and the amount of material required are reduced, minimizing consumption.

The chair’s designer, Joachim Froment, was presented with the Rado Star Prize in the UK.

“If you design for people, you have to design from the heart. I’d like to thank Rado for all their support and this amazing experience” said Froment.

Winner of the inaugural Rado Star Prize UK, Joachim Froment with his 0.6 Chair.

A design product student from RCA, Froment will receive £5,000 and a Rado Ceramica watch as a prize for his winning project. The 0.6 Chair was selected from a shortlist of 10 designs, with each entry responding to the theme ‘Design Meets Time’. The theme explores the longevity of products, the sustainability of materials used, and the conceptual idea behind the designs.

“A forward-thinking and pioneering approach to materials and design is a fundamental part of the Rado brand DNA," comments Rado CEO Matthias Breschan. "We were impressed with how Joachim's project combined striking design with an innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing concept." 

The 0.6 chair gets its name from being only 0.6cm (less than a quarter-inch) thick, but structurally strong for daily use.

The stellar line-up of judges who selected the winner included industrial designer Konstantin Grcic; design journalist Corinne Julius; Vice President of Product Management at Rado Hakim El Kadiri; design journalist Katrina Burroughs and designjunction Event Director Will Sorrell.

"The 0.6 chair is the perfect winner of the inaugural Rado Star Prize UK, with a fantastic story of saving time during manufacture. The sleek design is the epitome of cutting-edge design, and we are delighted to have it as part of designjunction" comments Will Sorrell, designjunction Event Director.


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