In British Columbia's Sky Corridor, where logging is prevalent and substantial wood goes to waste, former professional soccer player Jay DeMerit creates his Rockit Logs.

Using leftover western cedar, fir and hemlock, DeMerit's Rockit logs are repurposed into handcrafted works of visual and audio art.

Rockit logs feature high-end Bluetooth audio, a built-in amplifier, 60 watts of power, a USB port, and a lithium-ion battery providing a life of 10 hours. At around 12 inches in diameter - and featuring a handle - the speakers are designed for portability.

Because of the variance and uniqueness of the wood DeMerit uses, no speaker is exactly alike.

"A funky shape, knot, pattern or crooked grain means no two are alike," DeMerit states on his Kickstarter page. "Each Rockit Log has a story to tell: reclaimed from a neglected forest off-cut, left to rot in a pole yard, or part of a fallen tree in an old logging block."

DeMerit's Kickstarter campaign has raised nearly $47,000 of a $50,000 goal. Rockit logs can be purchased for $199 and are offered in a clear or a dark stain.


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