German designer Stefan Diez’ flat-pack bamboo bench and trestle table don’t require any tools to assemble and are held together with a string.

Diez says the Soba line explores and experiments with bamboo in its natural state. Created in collaboration with a bamboo fabricator, the pieces are made from raw, untreated bamboo canes, using thin cords to brace the individual parts and hold them together. This allows for a quick and easy assembly (and disassembly) of the individual pieces.

Soba is assembled by threading cords through the canes and tying individual parts together. Delivered flatpack, Soba uses Kevlar rope that ends in a wooden handle – allowing joints to be tightened after assembly.

Soba was developed as part of Japan Creative’s initiative to revive traditional Japanese craft and fabrication methods within a contemporary context.

Photography is by Jonathan Mauloubier.

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