In Praise of Wood Games

Uncle Skunkle Toys Inc. (UST) rises to the challenge of offering games that test players' coordination and ingenuity without the need for batteries or a video monitor. Best of all, many of the games are made of wood.

UST is the brainchild of J. David Schreiber and Rod Boutin who founded the Beaverton, OR-based company in 1996. Uncle Skunkle is based on the thesis project Schreiber prepared while earning his master's degree at City University of Seattle. Fifteen years later, UST outsources the manufacture of its games while maintaining responsibility for all distribution, marketing and sales of its products in the United States.

Like most of Uncle Skunkle Toy's wood games,
Drawer Drop is made with rubberwood.
Players use a catapult, pendulum or ramp to
knock down wood tower in Destruct 3.

On its website, UST states its gaming philosophy as follows: "Uncle Skunkle Toys develops games that not only look good in your living room, but that are fun for the whole family to play. We believe a good game is one that combines a bit of chance with a bit of strategy and put a dash of each in all of our products.... (O)ur biggest pleasure in creating games is to watch other people play them and hear your stories and comments."

Uncle Skunkle's president David
Schreiber dreamt up Rapid 4
when he was 13.

UST claims that most of its wood games are made with rubberwood, a byproduct of rubber tree harvests, and strives to keep packaging to a minimum. For its efforts, the company has won numerous consumer awards and accolades for its products, including Rapid 4, a game Schreiber reportedly dreamt up at the tender age of 13. It was featured in's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide.  

UST proudly proclaims, "Our games our stinkin' fun!" Learn more at


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