Marcus Williams says he hankered for a career in art, but he had just one problem: He couldn’t draw very well. However, he had always had an interest in computers. Now, he’s using computers, lasers and a CNC router to create an increasingly varied spectrum of intricate wood creations.

The work ranges from the clever and practical – a lamp that looks like a gothic cathedral, a tabletop fireplace – to more whimsical pieces, like a laser-cut birdhouse that looks like a vintage travel trailer. There are also pieces that create art out of life. Think of a map of a major city laid out in a three-dimensional laser-cut abstraction that turns streets and rivers into the equivalent of brush strokes on canvas.

Williams calls his Nashville, Tennessee, enterprise One Man, One Garage, which reflects the backyard cinder block garage location of his shop. He sells through galleries, craft shows, online, and through other venues. He has a pop-up stand that looks like the same travel trailer he’s miniaturized to be a birdhouse.

“I don't like normal office hours,” says Williams. “Creativity flows when you're busy doing all sorts of things. Whether it's taking the old jon boat out on the lake, or getting some mud on the Jeep tires. Adventure is out there. Inspiration is too.”

You can see more of his work at

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