At ICFF 2016, Terreform ONE, an architecture and design group, showcases its design for the Mushroom Chaise, a futuristic lounge chair made from biodegradable mushrooms. ICFF runs from May 14-17, 2016 at the Jacob Javits Center. 
Terreform ONE says it unveiled this statement piece to show that biodesign can offer a beautiful alternative to mass furniture production that does not deplete natural resources, but can actually contribute to the environment.
Terreform ONE created a waste-free, pollution-free mushroom chair, the first of its kind. The chair was grown in seven days from strains of fungi into the multi-curved chaise piece. At the end of its useful product life cycle, the chair can be composted and safely reintroduced back into the environment, where it can be naturally biodegraded.
The chair was grown using material manufactured by Ecovative, a leading biomaterials company that believes “Mushrooms the new plastic.” Ecovative Design received $4 million investment recently from investors, and announced a sale of its panel material to furniture maker Gunlocke, as it develops its efforts to use mushroom-derived adhesives in place of plastic polymers to produce plywood and other engineered panel in furniture and architectural millwork.

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