Toronto hair salon operator Ray Civello opened three new salons in Chicago. Designing the interiors could be a taxing effort for any business. But Civello has an edge: he also operates an architectural woodworking firm - Novva Etopa - that specializes in retail environments and salons.
This bit of information was a likely bet, given the richly wooded interiors of his salons across Canada - loaded with reclaimed paneling, flooring, beautifully veneered reception desks and wall treatments. 
In addition to the Civello salon network, "We’re also experts in manufacturing of any kind of millwork/metalwork for retail stores or salon/spa environments, using only the best renewable, recyclable and environmentally sustainable materials," says George Civello, who owns the businesses. The retail interiors business has been in operation for a decade, working on his own stores, and those of other salon owners. 
"In the ever-changing salon/spa world, we feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity of serving our many clients over the last 10 years," Civello says. “As a team, we have been right there with our customers as they pour everything that they have into their business and there is no better feeling than helping them to make their vision into a reality.”
Civello says, "At every opportunity, we choose to manufacture in North America. In addition to supporting jobs and the local economy, keeping the majority of our production in North America is one of the most effective ways to minimize our carbon emissions." Plus, he tells clients, working with Novvo Etopa also means that they reduce their own carbon footprint.
Since first launching on April 4th, 2005, originally under the name Novvo, the company has claimed a prominent spot in the competitive salon/spa design, furniture and fixture marketplace. Here are some noteworthy highlights for Novvo Etopa:
  • Officially merged with U.S.-based Etopa in October 2014
  • Worked with over 2000 salons in the U.S., Canada and worldwide, including Hong Kong, Australia, Iceland, Aruba, Korea and the UK
  • Approved Aveda vendor of Aveda salon/spa/retail fixtures and furniture
  • Proud distributor of top salon/spa equipment
  • Turn-around times on custom pieces are some of the best in the industry 
  • Furniture designed and built in North-America
“We are most proud of our team whose strong commitment to each other, our customers, and our company continue to shape the future direction and success of our enterprise,” says Civello. 

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