To make these scrap timber assemblages, New Zealand-based artist and sculptor Louise McRae first selects discarded timber. She then cuts it and paints it before molding it into dynamic assemblages and intricate wall structures.

Her goal with her pieces, often resembling cities and aerial views of organic growths, is to make sense of the chaos of the world.

“I have always broken things by accident, now I was breaking with purpose,” says McRae. “It felt good – my response to the world of ‘perfection’ – a world that has been beyond my ability to master.  Reassembling the broken pieces in a new way, fresh and full of hope.”

“Though the physical labor involved in making these works is undeniable, they have a quality of self-generation: elements mesh as through floated together by forces of nature.”

More of McRae's work can be found here. 

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