Exoskeleton super suit protects loggers from falling trees

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, loggers have the most dangerous job in the United States. In 2014, 111 faced injuries and 78 lost their lives. That’s why Brooklyn design student Jason Lee built what he calls the Aegis exoskeleton.

Aegis is designed to protect loggers from falling trees and branches, as well as injuries from chainsaws. It also assists with endurance – with motorized actuators in the limbs of the suit.

After finalizing the design, which he created from research and interviews with loggers, Lee used steel tubes, 3D printing, and aluminum to construct the suit.

“Aegis gives extra power to the logging worker—the motor actuation will let them easily and safely finish the tasks,” Lee told Core77. “Also, the exoskeleton provides protection from falling trees or limbs with the steel tubes will reduce the chances of getting injured. Since there aren’t many parts on the lower body compared to the upper, it makes them able to move freely without struggling.”

Lee is a junior at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He plans to graduate with honors in 2018.


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