Elegant modern take on the porch swing
March 18, 2022 | 4:29 pm CDT
Boggs Sunniva porch swing on stand

Brian Boggs describes the Sunniva Outdoor Swing as the “most luxurious outdoor porch swing made in America.”

Brian Boggs Chairmakers was founded by Brian and Melanie Boggs in the renowned River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina, to produce custom luxury furniture. Their latest design gives a modern contemporary spin to the classic porch swing.

Boggs describes the Sunniva Outdoor Swing as the “most luxurious outdoor porch swing made in America.” Handcrafted from sustainably managed Honduran mahogany, the same as what is often used on luxury yachts, this outdoor swing is inspired by the flowing curves of Asian timber frame architecture. 

Boggs sunniva porch swing studio shot
Boggs says the cantilevered stand is engineered to be flexible and silent in operation and easily moved. Joinery is fully housed double tenons to prevent moisture from penetrating and compromising the integrity of the construction.

Winner of the prestigious A’Design Award and Competition, the Sunniva Outdoor Swing was designed to bring sophisticated comfort to outdoor spaces. When attached to its optional cantilevered stand, the swing sways on silent bushings to allow for uninterrupted contemplation. 

Boggs says, “Premium wood selection and precision micro-compression joinery contribute to the weatherproofing of this functional masterpiece of garden architecture.” 

Boggs Sunniva porch swing on patio no stand
The Sunniva Outdoor Swing is available in a traditional hanging mode, as shown here, or with a stand that can allow it to go anywhere.

For this design, Brian Boggs reinterpreted the traditional porch swing as a piece of art that would be considered inviting, attractive, and comfortable. He created a swing that recalls natural elements, such as the subtle flexibility and unobstructed support of tree branches. Identifying how straight lines and angles can make a porch swing feel artificial and static, Boggs designed the Sunniva Outdoor Swing to suggest movement and organic comfort in its structure.

“While implying a sense of movement, the curvature of the Sunniva Outdoor Swing provides lumbar support and an unobstructed view through the absence of ropes or chains for support,” said Boggs. “The cantilevered stand is engineered to be flexible and silent in operation and easily moved. The arch of the swing and stand adds a bounce for comfort, phenomenal strength and beauty. The joinery is fully housed double tenons that prevent moisture from penetrating and compromising integrity of the construction.” 

The durable Honduran mahogany wood used to make the Sunniva Collection comes from a trio of sawyers’ cooperatives that sustainably manage the rainforest near their small community of Copen. The purchase of wood is critical to the success of Greenwood, a nonprofit organization Boggs helped found in 1993, that works with remote forest communities to help them manage their forests and create valuable wood products.

“The Sunniva Outdoor Chair is a modern spin on an American tradition,” said co-founder of Brian Boggs Chairmakers, Melanie Boggs. “This is a sophisticated element of comfort for a cherished front porch that blends classic techniques with a global sense of design and awareness.”

The Sunniva Outdoor Swing is priced at $7,300 as a hanging porch swing and $12,100 with the stand. Brian Boggs Chairmakers combines traditional woodworking with modern production for furnishings built in styles from traditional to contemporary. Expanding beyond chairmaking, Brian’s original designs encompass outdoor furniture and hospitality installations as well as luxury furniture for the modern home; all made to order and shipped nationwide. For more information visit brianboggschairmakers.com.

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