NEW YORK – You can write on Writeyboard's new dry erase birch desk.

The WriteyDesk is a functional and adaptable desk with a dry-erase top surface.

Two years in development, the WriteyDesk brings the convenience of whiteboard technology to the place where people do most of their thinking and working – their desk. The WriteyDesk allows people to write down phone numbers, brainstorm ideas, important notes and reminders without the need to seek out a piece of paper or open a computer app.

"Dry Erase Desk will literally change the way companies and individuals manage their workflow, creating a dry-erase playground for everything from important notes and quadratic equations to phone-doodles and vagrant thoughts," says Josh Jennings, CEO of Writeyboard. "We wanted to create a product that innovates traditional office furniture by combining our whiteboard technology with function with aesthetic."

Backed by high profile investor Mark Cuban and co-developed by Josh Jennings and Jason Wilk, Dry Erase Desk is launching with a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $25,000.

The Dry Erase Desk features:

·       100% Writey dry-to-the-touch erasable top surface.

·       Desktop finished in white or natural Birch wood.

·       Elegantly simple "Z"-leg design.

·       Full-dimension (24" x 48"in) or (30" x 60") desk for maximum productivity.

The desk can be purchased for $300 on Kickstarter or for $400 when it hits retail. 

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