NEW YORK – On display at New York’s annual NYCxDesign festival was a unique exhibition from Irish bespoke woodshop Joseph Walsh Studio. The Reveal exhibition featured free-form chairs, sculptures, and perhaps the most striking piece: a bespoke watch cabinet.

The watch cabinet, named A Piece of Time, was crafted from fumed oak with drawers carved from pear wood and detailed in suede. Over six feet tall, the cabinet can house 108 watches – each in their own compartment spread over 11 levels.

Walsh incorporated a complex bronze mechanism, made from over 700 parts, designed to reflect the intricacy of the watches held by the cabinet.

Walsh created the cabinet and an accompanying intertwined bench for the private collection of a father and son. The bench is made from ebonized ash and features copper and silk woven textile.

Walsh, a master craftsman, employs an international team focused on pushing the limits of wood. The studio’s work, which often rides a fine line between art and furniture, can be found in many museums and private collections around the world.

See more of his work here.

Photography by James Harris

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