Baltic birch Spyndi chair reaches Kickstarter goal to begin production
July 11, 2016 | 11:15 am CDT

LITHUANIA -  Spyndi is an innovative piece of furniture that can transform into any shape. It uses a multifunctional and sustainable design and offers an unusual appearance. The chair can reportedly be tailored to fit the size and shape of any individual, and recently reached its Kickstarter goal for continued development and production.

Mindaugas Zilionis, one of the best-known designers from Lithuania, explained the concept. “A perfect chair,” he said. “It consists of 60 loose identical elements that can be assembled any way you want. It is like a human spine, very strong and very flexible. It can be adjusted to any individual and bear any weight.

The designer came up with this idea in a split second, but it took him almost a decade to develop it. The team behind Spyndi is so confident about their product that they are ready to make the commitment to provide a lifetime warranty.

“It does not matter where we show our product, the reaction from people is always the same,” said Zilnionis. “They want to assemble it, to take a seat, to touch and even to smell it. Natural, silky, elegant, everlasting wooden structure and technology mix enchants people from all over the world.”

The Spyndi chair can be transformed into any piece of furniture: an armchair, a chaise longue, a rocking chair, partition, stool, or sports equipment. The customers can step into the shoes of a designer and put their imagination to work.

To accelerate the manufacturing process, the creators went to Kickstarter to seek support to back their project and bring the chair from exhibition to reality.

The developers have reached their funding goal, but the biggest achievement is international acknowledgment for their product, which inspires and motivates us the most. A total of 137 backers pledged $120,000 to help bring this project to life. Check the product information see






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