New ACSP Board Is Stronger Than Ever
August 6, 2015 | 2:04 pm CDT
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Richie DeMarco
10 years ago I was elected to the ACSP board of directors and I was surrounded by some serious closet clout – you could call it The Dream Team. Similar to the 1992 Olympic basketball team, these were the leaders of the industry and just like Christian Laettner, I was lucky to be part of it. 
We grew our association to nearly 500 members, the annual closet conference and expo was packed. People couldn’t wait for our yearly networking event and Top Shelf Awards party. Then in 2008, as business changed, so did the board and the membership. We did everything we could to keep the ACSP moving forward. The good news is we made it to the other side and are stronger for it. The stock market is up, housing is bouncing back and green dumpsters are stealing your parking spots again.
The Dream Team has rolled off the board and like every Yankee fan that watched Derek Jeter retire last year – it’s sad to see them go but we will continue on. As I am writing this, the Yankees are in first place and we have a brand new board eager to get the ACSP back to 500 members strong.  
We knew if were going to get back to the good ole days we needed to bring back our official publication. We are extremely excited for our first digital issue and would like to welcome back Closets Magazine!
We are thrilled to have so many pages dedicated to ACSP member content. You will find past Top Shelf Winner photos and their stories. Use this as a guideline for your own entry to the Top Shelf Contest at next years Closet Expo in Pasadena on March 22nd.  
The ACSP news section will keep you up to date on our members and their success stories. Look for articles on marketing, customer service and best business practices. There’s so much for you to learn about and be inspired by in this issue that we have a feeling you will be referring to it again and again. 
If you still haven’t joined or renewed your membership head over to today and get it done.  The ACSP welcomes everyone – whether you are an independent, franchise, or industry supplier, the ACSP is for YOU!  
A Strong Association Helps Us All! Get involved today!

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About the author
Richie DeMarco

Richie DeMarco, manager US Market Development Closet Segment, Richelieu Hardware, was declared “The Mayor of Hardware” at the 2011 Closet Expo. He serves as President for the ACSP and moderates the LinkedIn group Hardware Nation. He can be contacted at or follow him on Twitter @MayorOfHardware.