Custom closet organizing systems, shelving, custom cabinets, accessories and other storage options are all important in helping a client create an organized home. Equally important is the need for the home owner to clear out clutter before any new organizing system, cabinet or accessory is installed.

Some closet design firms offer professional organizing services to help their clients sift through the junk while others may partner with professional organizers to get the job done. Or maybe the homeowner is on her own. Either way, clearing through the clutter of memorabilia, family heirlooms, magazines, books and more can present quite a challenge - do you throw everything out, have the ubiquitous garage sale or donate to Goodwill? But, what if there are actually valuable objects hidden amongst the clutter?

To help the designer, organizer and home owner sort through all of that is a new app from Stuff Savvy aiming to streamline the process and help clients get the most value for their treasured items.

The user submits photos of collectible items through the app and a team of Savvy Specialists will identify and value them in less than 24 hours, the company says.

According to the company's web site, here's how it works:

Identify Stuff
Unique identifiers and characteristics are used to identify the item's maker, and ultimately help the specialists drill down to the specific item, leveraging technology to make the process efficient and fast.

Valuate Items
The Savvy Specialists use pricing guides, historical auction pricing and other reference materials, and leverage its network of Auction Houses and Consignment shops, to determine a price range that items can likely be resold for.

Research Makers
Once an item is identified and evaluated, the specialists add research findings to the Instant Appraisal. Historical facts about the item and its maker, facts about the time period or geographical area of creation, and selected trends that can help with resale are also added to the evaluation.

Add Other Findings about Belongings
The specialists often find fun anecdotes, stories or personal documentation about specific items. When they do, they include them in the Instant Appraisals so that those stories and the items are forever connected.

The Stuff Savvy app is available in the iPhone app store. For the month of March free evaluations are available with the code: Closets.

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