PORTLAND, OR -  Empire Closets in Portland, Oregon, a closet designer and remodeler, takes on two home storage solutions topics in a pair of recent blog posts aimed at its clients and prospects.  

The first post introduces the idea that “a big closet isn’t necessarily a functional closet.” Empire Closets shesd light on the fact that the perfect organizational solutions can make just about any closet a functional one, big or small. Even though large closets mahy offer more square footage, if built without shelving, places for hanging, and other forms of storage, this large space can easily turn into a mess.

“When a closet is built without much thought to organization, the size doesn’t really matter," readers are advised. "The largest closets can quickly morph into a rather scary jumble of clothing, shoes and accessories.” The blog also discusses ways in which a closet can be made into a “fun” space. They suggest the addition of great lighting, a dressing area, and other customizations to make the space creative and exciting.

The second blog post discusses various modifications that can be made to find storage spaces in some unexpected places by customizing just about any place in the home: custom built cubbies in the front entry for shoes, coats, and other belongings; custom built entertainment centers to store electronics, books, and video games; and drawers that are a specific shape or size.

These drawers, made to fit in awkward spaces, can function in a variety of ways. For example, a popular modification is a compartment for a cutting board that can be pulled out and stored away depending on the needs of the homeowner.

Empire Closets was founded in 2003 by Robin Nicolaides, who outlines his background at his site:

Robin Nicolaides, owner, Empire Closets

"For more than a dozen years, prior to starting Empire Closets, I was a construction superintendent in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver Washington, areas. I was responsible for the construction of upper middle class, and multi-million dollar custom homes. While working as a team with architects, interior designers, specialty contractors, and experienced and attentive home owners, I learned to create attractive and efficient solutions for home and closet organization.

"Even when there are thousands of square feet of floor space to work with, making the best use of that space is important to every customer. And, having an attractive solution is just as important. I’ve taken all that I learned from my association with these experts, and combined it with my passion for creativity, to deliver some very unique storage projects over the last 9 years."

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