Lisa Adams designed the closet of E! "Fashion Police" co-host Brad Goreski.
Lisa Adams designed the closet of E! "Fashion Police" co-host Brad Goreski.
Tyra Banks and the Kardashians are just a few of the celebrities Designer Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design in Los Angeles, California, has worked with over the past few years. And the list continues to grow.
Her exquisite designs and high-profile clients make her the go-to-person when media outlets from “Good Morning America” to Forbes are seeking the latest trends. The fact that she is a sought-after designer to the stars should come as no surprise since Adams also appeared in her own HGTV special “Million Dollar Closets” in 2012. Viewers saw her organize Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s as well as Whitney Port’s closets.
Designed for Khloe Kardashian
So, what is it really like working with A-listers? While the process of accessing their needs, and designing accordingly doesn’t differ that much from a typical high-end client, as one might image, one of the biggest differences is their lifestyle, Adam notes.
Designed for Tyra Banks
“Oftentimes celebrities are gifted clothing, shoes and accessories. It’s really important to manage the volume and it’s a process,” she notes. “I also find that celebrities are in and out of their closets a lot more than the typical person. They have to be on camera, so it’s even more important that things are visible and at their fingertips and on display.

Also, celebrities usually come with a glam squad. Incorporating seating, three-way mirrors, platforms, vanity for hair and makeup are really important.”

Favorite projects

Although she has had many memorable projects having worked with celebrities from Jewel to Eddie Murphy, Adams says that one of her favorite projects was working with singer Christina Aguilera.
“I think that she’s very creative,” Adams explains. “She thinks outside of the box, and I think that shows in the closet, where every design meeting was really pushing the envelope. As a designer, you go into every project trying to convince the client, ‘Okay. Yeah, this would be so cool.’ To have a client that’s already open to that saying, ‘What else can you do? Can we hang something from the ceiling?’ It was so great. I feel like I designed and built things I hadn’t done before. We did sliding shoe cabinets, three-way platforms for makeup and tailoring with storage behind the mirrors for makeup storage. We also did a revolving purse carousel and added a fireplace. It was just very, very cool as a designer to have somebody that was so open.”


Adams credits her PR firm, Zapwater Communications, with helping her gain exposure. “I’ve been working with them since day one,” she says. 
Plus, the world of A-Listers is a small community so her access to them is also aided by the fact that she is in Los Angeles where many reside. And once you do one celebrity project, you often get referrals.
For instance, Adams previously worked with Giuliana Rancic, a host on E!’s “Fashion Police” and now she is working on projects with Rancic’s co-hosts Brad Goreski and Melissa Rivers. “You realize that it’s a very small community. You do one person wrong or you don’t do a great closet for Giuliana then that door is closed. She’s not talking to her friends or her colleagues about you.”
And once you realize that E! is also home to the Kardashians, it’s easy to see just how small that circle really is.

Adams also credits being a member of an association of estate managers with helping land high-profile projects.
“Many celebrities have estate managers, which is another great way to network,” she says. “If a celebrity or an owner says, ‘Hey, I need to get my closets done,’ they know exactly who to call.
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