As a closet parts company for over fifteen years, one of the most difficult challenges facing Canary Closets & Cabinetry has been providing their dealers with a design program that is both easy and comprehensive.  They’ve spent so much time on this issue that the owner, John Canary, was asked to speak at this year’s Closet Expo about the software options available for the closet industry.  As luck would have it, it was on the last day of the Closet Expo that Canary met the developers of Closet Pro Software and immediately knew he had found the solution they’d been looking for all these years.

Closet Pro Software is a responsive solution, which means that it works seamlessly on any size device.  You can literally design a full walk in closet on a smart phone!  It’s an internet based solution so there is no software to download and install and you can access it from anywhere using any browser. 

The software utilizes the latest in HTML5 technology and offers amazing interactive 3D renderings of a single wall or the entire room, allowing you to walk into the room, turn your head, raise/lower your view point and switch between standard and overhead view.

The greatest feature for Canary has been the ease of use.  One of the “deal killers” in the past when trying to secure a new dealer has been the question: How do we design a closet and submit the order?  Most dealers do not have the time or desire to learn a complicated design tool.  With Closet Pro Software, new dealers were building designs the same day and placing orders within their first week.  There is a beautiful Customer Proposal feature that allows dealers to present their customers with online proposals showing both 2D and interactive 3D views of their closets with a simple “Accept Proposal” button making it easy to close the deal.

Unlike other CAD systems, Closet Pro Software prices the closet in real time, allowing you to show your customer exactly how much their design will cost at any given moment.  You’re able to switch between colors, hardware finishes and even wall hung or floor standing designs with the click of a button.  And with every change, the price is updated.  No more return visits or follow up phone calls needed, you can close your customer on the first visit!

It’s so simple and intuitive that there is practically no learning curve:

  • Add or change units with a simple click or touch
  • All vertical panels are properly sized and placed by the design tool
  • Open 2D and 3D views at any time during the design process
  • Real-time pricing that updates immediately after every change
  • Quickly flip entire design from wall hung to floor standing with the click of one button
  • Add Crown or Base molding and it immediately appears on the 2D and 3D views

Closet Pro Software can be fully customized for your exact product line including your specific pricing structure, shelving colors, hardware finishes, drawer types, accessories, etc.  It also interfaces with most design tools, CNC programs and order entry systems allowing you to export the design directly into the software you currently use.  At Canary, their process has been streamlined and they’ve saved hours by not having to re-enter/review designs before an order can be cut.  

For Canary, the investment is paying off.  After launching their site, Canary Closets & Cabinetry secured one of the largest contractors in the area as a new dealer.  

If you sell closets in the NY/NJ/PA area and want to use the Closet Pro Software design tool to increase your sales, you can go to to register as a dealer with Canary Closet & Cabinetry.

If you’re a closet parts supplier or a retail closet company, you can contact Closet Pro Software directly at and register for a demo.  There are several videos of the intuitive interface showing how easy it is to quickly create closet designs.  You owe it to yourself (and your staff) to take a look.  

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