A new, dramatically redesigned and updated Wood-Mode consumer website, www.wood-mode.com, made its debut on February 20, 2013. The new website represents a more streamlined customer experience, in addition to a more sophisticated and elegant portrayal of the Wood-Mode image as a premium and nationally-recognized cabinetry brand.

As a well-established custom cabinetry manufacturer for over 70 years, Wood-Mode has seen many changes in the marketplace and has understood that the marketing process for high-end cabinetry continues to evolve.

Wood-Mode Launches New Website“Consumers today are seeking information about products and services online more than ever before,” says Brooks Gronlund, President and Chief Operating Officer of Wood-Mode, Incorporated. “In today’s custom cabinetry marketplace, shoppers no longer refer to local print directories, but go online to seek answers for product questions, indulge their dreams with beautifully inspirational photography and ultimately find the location of a convenient showroom.”

The new Wood-Mode website provides shoppers with an online product showcase that evokes emotion and provides inspiration before they ever set foot in a dealer showroom.

The primary navigation banner prompts visitors to browse a huge selection of beautiful high-resolution color images organized by Design Inspirations, Gallery by Room and Cabinetry Options, which filter to Architectural Elements and Storage & Convenience options. In addition, door styles are presented with cross references to Design Inspirations where they are portrayed.

The new website also provides a selection of the latest convenient navigation features, such as zoom functionality and “Save Your Favorites.” The zoom feature allows visitors to see closely the fine quality craftsmanship in the product, whereas the “Save Your Favorites,” enables visitors to select and save their favorite images to their own personal gallery. Visitors can make detailed notes of what inspires them, and can share them through their own social media platforms.

The zip-code based “Find a Showroom” feature provides individual pages for each showroom so that shoppers may select the showroom that is most compatible and convenient for them to visit.

To browse the new website of inspiring custom cabinetry designs, please visit www.wood-mode.com.

Source: Wood-Mode

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