New black burned finish on Rotpunkt cabinets
March 15, 2021 | 1:40 pm CDT

Rotpunkt, manufacturer of German kitchen cabinets, has introduced new coal black burned wood Zero finish, a wood door front with jet-black patina, with rich texture, dark striations and high-quality material.

“The contemporary kitchen is characterized by simplicity in 2021, with the essence of nature being introduced to create feelings of calm and contemplation,” said Matt Phillips, head of U.K. Operations at Rotpunkt. “High-quality, solid wood finishes are providing a great foundation for the hybrid kitchen, which needs to cater to a range of disciplines and users this year. Our new real burned wood door in coal black finish has been designed to withstand more contemporary lifestyles.

“If you want to firmly anchor your kitchen scheme in an open-plan environment, think about combining different raw materials like wood, stone and metal as this will create an alternative take on the timeless black and gray color palette, and provide a hardwearing, sustainably sourced foundation that is rich in contrast and ergonomically designed.”

The new coal black burned wood Zero door includes rich textural finishes inspired by nature, with authentic timber finishes and real wood furniture receiving a modern, urban-style update.

The new cabinets also have new bow cast iron handles and built-in wine rack. See

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