Hettich Plan is available as an online case construction tool. It reportedly requires no installation, and the online planning portal can be used with all common browsers and terminal devices and complements Hettich's eServices, such as the Hettich Shop and Hettich CAD, with a further user friendly function.

The program guides the user through the furniture construction process. A carcase library provides a choice of furniture that can be matched to individual preferences. It then suggests the possible and constructionally correct hardware fittings as well as accessories for the user to select.

The planning portal provides a range of furniture for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom environments. In the kitchen section, for example, there is a choice of base units, corner units, tall units and wall units. The program includes the fittings for drawer systems, pull-out systems, hinges as well as sliding and folding door systems.

These documents are generated to assist production: the fittings order list for submitting to Hettich or the specialist retailer, wooden parts list (PDF, XLS), 3D drawing of the carcase (DWG, DXF, FXF) and 2D drawing of carcase components (DWG, DXF, FXF, PDF). See www.hettich.com.

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