Listed below are some frequently asked questions on grinding cutting tools for woodworking operations.

Q: What type of knife steel is best for my application?

A: The knife steel would be determined by the type of material being run, the
length of the run and how often you run that profile. For example, experts recommend SRS economy grade steel for a 1000 LF poplar run; SUPRE or carbide for moulding hard maple or teak; M3+ for a 5000 LF pine run, or Double Back carbide for an MDF run.

Q: What is the proper cutterhead hook angle for my material?

A: Experience shows that cutterheads with a 20-degree cutting angle should be used for the majority of North American wood species. However, you may sometimes experience tearout on some species that will require a different hook angle.

Q. What does “depth of cut “mean?

A. “Depth of Cut” is the measurement from the surface of the profile to the deepest part of the profile. This measurement, plus the type of steel being used, determines the price of the knives required.

Source: Weinig Group. For more information call (800) 343-4644, (704) 799-0100 or visit

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