Hot hardware trends for 2018

My work has given me access to manufacturers and designers from all over Europe. Couple that with meeting with closet companies across the United States and I can guess at what’s going to be hot in 2018.

I’m going bold with these predictions. Sure, I can tell you soft close everything, but that’s too easy. I guarantee more and more companies will make this the new standard. You are selling a luxury product.

How could stock kitchen cabinets offer soft close and you don’t?

Another obvious trend is lighting everywhere. I admit that I never thought that lighting would catch on – but with all of the new technology coming out of Europe it’s going to totally change the way we design and build closets and wardrobes. Features that include built in switches, mini LED diodes and no more cutting aluminum channels are game changers.

Lighting up with LED

Brass is Back Baby! No not that ugly bright yellow plastic looking brass that shows every scratch. Or that pink rose gold that came and went. This is an elegant satin champagne gold finish.

Champagne brass hardware's a hit

It’s no surprise that champagne gold is back, it has been showing up in fashion for the last couple of years. Gold jewelry, watches, accents on clothing and even your iPhone. It was only a matter of time before it made it back into the accents of your home.

If you are planning to sell the next generation then you must keep up with the trends in micro living and the evolution of multifunctional storage. This is the hottest trend with designers, architects and builders right now.

This trend isn’t just for small spaces. Multifunctional storage becomes very exciting when you take those solutions and apply them to overall design. The goal is to give customers a more functional home without having to add an addition.

The sleeping area has the biggest impact on micro living. You need the ability to create bed, sofa, desk and wall unit combinations. These aren’t your parent’s Murphy beds that ensured visitors didn’t stay too long.

Micro living with Murphy beds

This is the next generation of folding bed systems that operate with pistons for easy and safe opening and closing. They are designed with wood slats and can accommodate a 12-inch mattress – made for every night sleeping.

Every inch counts in micro units, having proper clothing and shoe storage is a must. Rotating shoe shelves, and a clothing organizer that can put 16 feet of clothing in an 8-foot x 30-inch closet. Add a sliding or barn door and save even more space.

Photo: Bella Systems

Other products necessary to micro living are pull out tables that can be a place to eat or prep food in the kitchen, a folding table in a laundry room, a place to pack your suitcase in a closet or a desk in the family room.

Photo: Richelieu

Living in a micro unit is great but can you entertain? You sure can with new adaptable furniture pieces that magically transform to create seating for you and your dinner guests.

Adaptable table design for micro living

I would love to hear from you – What trends are you seeing in your market?

Source: Richie DeMarco, “the Mayor of Hardware,” is the manager, U.S. Market Development Closet Segment for Richelieu Hardware. Contact him at [email protected]. For information call Richelieu at 800-619-5446 (USA), 800-361-6000 (Canada) or visit


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