10 Reasons to Outsource Wood Components
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10 Reasons to Outsource Wood ComponentsThere have been numerous articles written in medical journals on laughter being successfully used for stress relief and to improve job performance, creativity and problem solving ability (you can find scores of them online if you Google “laughter as medicine”). One of our best practices at TaylorCraft is to remember not to take ourselves too seriously and to try to incorporate humor into the work day at least occasionally. Below is our lighthearted take on a topic we see a lot of serious and heated discussions on in the woodworking industry: reasons to outsource.

1. Your dumpster is full . . . again.

2. Your tooling is dull.

3. Your #2 door guy is “sick” every Monday.

4. “I messed up the door. Can I have it?”

5. Your lead guy is leaving for Alaska to pan for gold

6. Stick-It disks make awesome grip tape

7. Your #3 door guy just lost a finger applying a “hand brake” to a panel cutter

8. “We don’t support that machine anymore. Want to buy another?”

9. CRASH “What was that?”

10. One word, “overtime.”

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