Mockett to exhibit at AWFS 2021
By Doug Mockett & Co.
July 13, 2021 | 3:21 pm CDT

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Tradeshows are back! When in-person events came to a crashing halt, it became increasingly difficult to show our parts. Sure, we sell through our website,, and we provide rich photography and detailed technical drawings, but sometimes it’s just not the same as seeing it for yourself. A catalog or a product page online can only do so much. We like to let you ‘kick the tires’, to see and feel the quality first-hand. 
Welcome AWFS, our first tradeshow since January 2020. 
So what can you expect to find in our display?

While there were certainly some monumental changes in furniture design with a new added focus on privacy and safety, many of the old hardware standbys remain unaffected. We still have issues with cable management, we still need convenient access to power and USB charging, and we still seek out new and exciting designs that make our furniture stand out. And we haven’t slowed our process one bit when it comes to new design solutions for these basic principles. 
You can expect to see a plethora of new wireless chargers and power grommets, including our newest PCS120 with electric pop-up operation with the press of a button and has a wireless charging top. We call it “Shadow” – it’s black on black and glides up and down with a stealthy whisper-quiet motor. This one is super slick, you will love it. 

Mockett product

We also have a lot of new Drawer Pulls, lots of fabulous new designs to suit every application. But one that really stands out and was born out of the past year’s unprecedented approach to design is our new Foot Pull for lower cabinets, FP1. This allows you to operate lower cabinets hands-free, particularly to access trash bins. The lower lip on the pull even has a softened lip to prevent scratches on your shoe. Details!

Mockett product

We have a lot of new and exciting hooks for coats and for use in closets. One especially eye-catching design is our CH61 Glide Dual Hook. Its S-shape gives it a two-tier multilevel hook in either direction and has a cool rounded swell in the center. Even if it’s not being used to hang garments, hats, or outerwear, it’s still a really cool design that doubles as a nice art piece! Great for towels in spas or shower areas, and also great for changerooms in retail and commercial establishments.

Mockett product
And sure, we introduced a number of new Panel Brackets to retrofit desks with privacy panels because it was fitting for the times, but this was hardly a new concept for us – we’ve been offering fittings for panels for years! One cool addition to our line was a more ‘portable’ version of panel bracket feet that can be easily moved around to adapt to changing needs, PGRP13. Check out our many solutions for work desks, transaction windows, and more.

Mockett product
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