TROUTMAN, NC – With AWFS now wrapped up, American CNC manufacturer, C.R. Onsrud is pleased to announce that it
accomplished major goals during this year’s event.

“AWFS is a show we’ve loyally supported for years with our attendance -  even when other companies dropped their support and attendance,” says Tom Onsrud, CEO. “We understand the importance  of the western United States as a viable CNC market, and have maintained our relationship with the show and customers in
the Western region for many consecutive years – when the other major CNC manufacturers did not see the importance or  value of attending.” 

C.R. Onsrud made it’s presence known this year, turning the Las Vegas Convention Center into a sea of Onsrud green associated  with the brand, and sent a strong message to those in attendance. “We want customers to know, that while foreign-based machine  companies from across the Atlantic and Pacific are flooding the CNC market with light-weight, products, there is still a high-quality  American manufacturer they can turn to as a choice to fill their CNC machinery needs,” states Marketing Director, Matt Jenkins.

“That is the point of our American Original video series we started creating this past year - to show that American manufacturing  has not moved overseas, and high-quality products continue to be built right here in America. ” The testimonial videos focus on the  company’s customers and the products they are making with Onsrud CNC machines, and it is something the company is proud of -  knowing they are continuing the strong manufacturing tradition in this country.

Interest in C.R. Onsrud products during AWFS 2015 was very high, and they are already capitalizing on the efforts put forth, as  customers seek to find machines offering more than an off-the-shelf solution. During the show, live cutting demonstrations in their  booth highlighted the company’s philosophy of creating tailor-made solutions - a message which is resonating with consumers  seeking to gain a real competitive edge, increase performance, and maximize productivity in their business. 

C.R. Onsrud understands their machines come with a higher price tag, but in the highly competitive manufacturing industry,  customers are looking for machines which consistently outperform and outproduce the light-weight, lower-priced models. 

Continuing their commitment to customers in the Western part of the continent, C.R. Onsrud dealer, Masse Sale Ltd. will be in  Vancouver, October 7-8, 2015. C.R. Onsrud will also be making it’s presence felt in Toronto at the Woodworking Machinery & Supply  Conference and Expo, November 5-7, 2015.

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