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Larry Adams is a Chicago-based writer and editor who writes about how things get done. A former wire service and community newspaper reporter, Larry is an award-winning writer with more than three decades of experience. In addition to writing about woodworking, he has covered science, metrology, metalworking, industrial design, quality control, imaging, Swiss and micromanufacturing . He was previously a Tabbie Award winner for his coverage of nano-based coatings technology for the automotive industry. Larry volunteers for the historic preservation group, the Kalo Foundation/Ianelli Studios, and the science-based group, Chicago Council on Science and Technology (C2ST).

Woodworking Industry News

Rice University researchers develop 3D printed wood

Researchers at Rice University have unlocked the potential to use 3D printing to make sustainable wood structures from additive-free, water-based ink made of lignin and cellulose, the fundamental building blocks of wood. The ink can be used to produce architecturally intricate wood structures via a 3D printing technique known as direct ink writing.

Woodworking Industry News

Delegation vows to combat proposed formaldehyde ban

On March 15, 2024, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a draft risk evaluation for formaldehyde for public comment and peer review. The draft is prepared under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The EPA has also announced that it will publish separate documents in the Federal Register in early 2024 to announce the availability of a list of expert reviewers for the peer review.EPA's New Formaldehyde Risk Evaluation Would Lead To Draconian Regulations

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Wood Industry Association applying for export certificate for its members

With the merger of the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America and the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association  into the Wood Industry Association, the WMMA Export Trade Certificate (ETC) is no longer valid. The certificate offers export protections to those that the document.The WIA is in the process of applying for a new ETC. The new WIA Certificate will afford certain protections related to activities conducted by one or more WIA members for exports from the U.S. to all markets outside the United States.