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Larry Adams is a Chicago-based writer and editor who writes about how things get done. A former wire service and community newspaper reporter, Larry is an award-winning writer with more than three decades of experience. In addition to writing about woodworking, he has covered science, metrology, metalworking, industrial design, quality control, imaging, Swiss and micromanufacturing . He was previously a Tabbie Award winner for his coverage of nano-based coatings technology for the automotive industry. Larry volunteers for the historic preservation group, the Kalo Foundation/Ianelli Studios, and the science-based group, Chicago Council on Science and Technology (C2ST).

Ann Sacks introduces new collection

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Ann Sacks, the Portland-based design house, has released its Ann Sacks Curated Bath Collection, a design-driven experience that showcase select Ann Sacks, Robern, Kohler Lighting and Kallista products.   Many of the designs are exclusive to the Ann Sacks Curated Bath Collection, including new Robern vanities and linen cabinets and the Kohler Lighting collections. The collection is presented in seven fully appointed, traditional and contemporary vignettes.  

Measure logs with an AI/machine learning APP

If a Smartphone could recognize a human face, couldn’t they recognize logs from a photo? That was the question asked by the creators of the Timbeter app. The application works by taking a photo of a timber pile or container truck of logs and the Timbeter does the number crunching. 

VIDEO: A longbow is drawn 'from the mind to the hand'

More than 1,000 years ago, the dimensions of the Japanese Yumi, or longbow, was finalized. The size was fixed at a little more than two meters and the use of laminated construction was agreed upon. In the 1600s, after hundreds of years of tweaking, the final design was agreed upon, and, to this day, the bow is made from a two-piece bamboo and wood laminated construction.

Master Millwork to triple in size

WEST WAREHAM, Mass. -- Master Millwork has obtained $6 million in loans from Rockland Trust to expand its business. The expansion will enable Master Millwork to almost triple in size, going from 25,000 sq. ft. to 67,000 sq. ft. of facility space with manufacturing equipment and solar power for green-energy operations. To assist with the increase in production once construction is complete in January 2022, the business plans to hire up to 30 new employees.