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Harry Urban is the publisher of  the Woodworking Network.  Urban has more than 30 years of experience in business-to-business publishing, trade shows and conferences. He has travelled extensively throughout North America and overseas visiting and reporting on major manufacturing facilities and trade shows. 

Top Choice Award finalists named for Cabinets & Closets/Wood Pro Expo Charlotte

CHARLOTTE -- Finalists for the Cabinets & Closets/Wood Pro Expo Charlotte Top Choice Awards were announced today.  The Top Choice Awards program recognizes the exhibitors of the co-located events who received the most web activity from the show product releases published on in two different categories:  Technology and Supplies.  From these 10 finalists, show attendees on March 7 have the opportunity to select their Top Choice in the two different categories at a Top Choice display in the Attendee Lounge.  Attendees are only allowed to vote once.  The two Top Choice winners will be announced during the 2019 Top Shelf Design Awards gala reception at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  Sponsored by JB Cutting, CCF Drawers, and KCD Software.  The NASCAR Hall of Fame is adjacent to the convention center. Registration for the event is required.  

Industry 4.0: The Connected Factory - Part 3, Product

At an ever-increasing pace, technology is transforming most of our life -- at home and work. The chart above illustrates how digitization permeates every aspect of our world. At home, we control heating, lighting and the security system with our smartphones. Businesses such as Uber and Amazon are revolutionary game changers, completely changing the business landscape. The Internet of Services (IoS) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will not go around our industry; it will go right through it!
By Georg Frey and Sepp Gmeiner