NEW ORLEANS -- Michael Dalle Molle, owner and director of GoodWood NOLA, LLC, said they switched to making face shields for hospitals exactly a week ago.  "We felt the need to help, and we realized we would be able to produce a very high quality product," said Dalle Molle.  The company's core business is designing and building mixed-media furniture for offices, restaurants, retail stores, and residential clients. GoodWood NOLA  has 10 employees in its 16,000 sq. ft. facility in New Orleans.   Most of work is woodworking and metalworking, and the company is also fully licensed commercial specialty contractor.

Dalle Molle is a 2019 Woodworking Network 40 under 40 honoree.

Dalle Molle said they were approached by a local hospital group to help produce prototypes and iterations of different PPE products.   "We focused on the face shields because it was clearly the most logical thing for us to do, rather than gowns or masks, etc."

The company uses 3/16 in. acrylic for the frame and .010 PETG for the shield.   All parts are laser cut and packed flat. Assembly happens in the hospitals along with sanitization.  All products are either delivered to distribution facilities or picked up directly from hospital supply chain staff.
GoodWood NOLA  has 10 employees in its 16,000 sq. ft. facility in New Orleans.
"We are working with all local partners here." said Dalle Molle.  "This is truly a community effort, and it is proving to be invaluable already, just one week in," he said.  According to Dalle Molle,  15,000 units have been ordered locally in New Orleans already. Dalle Molle is a 2019 Woodworking Network 40 under 40 honoree.
For more information contact Michael Dalle Molle, GoodWood NOLA, LLC, 862-754-9423

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