International artist, Andrzej J. Olejniczak, and wood turning manufacturer, Glacial Wood
Products (GWP), recently completed a unique geometric work of art that will be displayed in
a European art show in November of 2011.
Images courtesy Andrzej.

European artist Andrzej J. Olejniczak and Glacial Wood Products, Brooten, MN, have completed a unique geometric work of art for a November 2011 European art show — a 10-inch wood ball (and matching box) turned on a CNC lathe, using laminated slabs of maple and walnut. The project, says Olejniczak, results from “searching for the unexpected within simplicity in the world of geometry.” Olejniczak, based in Lodz, Poland, says his approach merges applied arts to fine arts. His precision-styled work is a natural for a custom woodworker, but Olejniczak said it was hard to find a woodshop to do it.

“Many times the collaborating party would show little interest in production of a single piece that required so much attention to detail and precision in execution,” he said. “I’m known to be very particular,” he adds, so “it was a very new experience for me to work long distance without the ability to oversee every stage.”

Johnson says Olejniczak’s art “utilized many of our skills in high tech wood turning capabilities.”

Johnson notes that his firm is well equipped to handle unique and short run projects. "We cater to the custom world; we do a lot of short run things," Johnson says. "But it doesn't mean we can't do long runs." One example of a long run: the official Harry Potter wand.

"We supply a lot of large companies," Johnson says. "Cabinet manufacturers are our core. Cabinet companies are going more to furniture-like items." Adding custom-turned or specialized wood components "add that furniture look."

For Olejniczak's project, the ball had to fit precisely in the convex box, yet spin freely. Glacial Wood Products first made a laminaed box from the maple and walnut boards, then turned them precisely into the 10-inch ball.

Olejniczak said the final piece “not only met all my expectations, it surpassed them. It was peerlessly executed.” Glacial will show Olejniczak’s work online in November. It also has launched techniques for using multiple species in one part and laser engraving and square post design.

More pictures will be available after Olejniczak’s European Art show this coming November and will proudly be displayed on both Olejniczak’s website  and Gllacial Wood Products' site.


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