Bioformix To Automate Instant Wood Glue Application

Bioformix To Automate Instant Wood Glue Application CINCINNATI – Bioformix, Inc., creator of Nexabond Instant Wood Adhesives, has partnered with Precision Valve and Automation to automate fast-setting adhesive application for cabinet and furniture manufacturers.

Wood products producers traditionally glue panels, door frames, corners and other joints manually, even in high-volume plants, says Bioformix, because of difficulties managing and applying waterborne adhesives. 

Precision Valve and Automation (PVA)will develop automated glue dispensing systems for wood products production. PVA, based in Cohoes, NY, has developed such systems for challenging production environments in electronics, solar energy and and auto manufacturing, with reactive materials. Bioformix says that with PVA it will be able to provide wood products manufacturers with a turnkey application system for its Nexabond 2500 distinctive high-speed curing properties.

 “This is a great opportunity for PVA to make manufacturing easier for the wood industry by taking what we’ve learned. . . and applying it to the unique challenges of wood products production,” says Frank Hart, global sales and marketing manager, PVA.


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