Boise Woodworker Simplifies Wood Inlay Process
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A template guides cutting patterns for inlays.

BOISE, ID -A series of wood templates that simplifies cutting decorative vwood inlays into woodworking projects has been launched by EZInlays, a start-up by programmer Kurtis Leatham.

Eight designs are available on three levels of complexity. The kits began shipping November 19. Principally aimed at hobbyists, Leatham says the inlay template kits could also work for pro wood crafters.

"My templates could be useful to the professional woodworker if they don’t have the money to purchase a CNC router, yet still want to add a high quality decorative inlay into their work."

"You can use the same set of templates thousands of times and as long as you are careful using them. Just like any other tool in your shop, they will last a lifetime," Leatham says. 

It takes Leatham about 4 hours to build a level 2 inlay from his template; and about 5 hours for a level 3.

 "In a production environment I could see building multiple inlays with the same set of templates in roughly the same amount of time," Leatham says, "Like with most other woodworking tasks much of the time is spent doing setup and not the actual cutting or shaping of the wood." Much of the setup time is spent preparing the inlay material prior to cutting the wood itself, says Leatham.

The kit contains templates for cutting voids into the substrate material, templates for cutting shapes from the inlay material, an alignment guide to assist  in positioning the design, and an alignment transparency, along with directions. Leatham is building an e-commerce page at his website,

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