G Wood Products has announced its partnership with Tantimber, making it the exclusive distributor of Tantimber's line of thermally treated wood products in the United States.

Produced in Sakarya, Turkey, G Wood Products are designed to provide stability and durability by refining and transforming the internal structure of the wood through Tantimber's Thermowood process.

G Wood Products offers a wide variety of decking, siding and other lumber that meet standards set by the International Thermowood Association, and manufacturing guidelines as set by European Norms CEN/TS 15679.

Tantimber obtains its raw materials from renewable forests around the world through environmentally friendly logging practices that focus on long-term sustainability.

G Wood Products are manufactured with no chemicals used in the production process. Instead, the integrity of the wood is maintained within a carefully controlled environment by closely monitoring and regulating both the temperature and humidity of the wood throughout the process.


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