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CEO sells $30 million sawmill and laminate wood flooring factories for $1

The CEO of a company that plans to ship wood from Africa to the United States and use a patent-pending CO-Tech system to dry the lumber in route has sold his sawmill and laminate wood flooring facilities, valued at $30 million, for $1. Caravelle International Group, a global ocean technology company, announced that the Company's CEO Dr. Guohua Zhang has sold Penxing Gabon SARL to Caravelle. 

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FSC certification in Russia is ending

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) announces the withdrawal of the remaining forest management certificates in Russia by the respective certification bodies. This is due to the decision by Assurance Services International (ASI) to terminate its FSC assurance activities in Russia.ASI’s decision will enter into force on May 1, 2023, and will be re-evaluated once the conditions allow for assurance again.

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Madison’s Reporter: More lumber price increases on tightened supply

The sawmill curtailments of recent months, especially those ongoing in the western part of North America, served to bring lumber prices up slightly. At this point, levels are still somewhat below cost-of-production in the important supply basket of British Columbia — which has been roughly estimated at approximately US$500 mfbm. The strategy of reducing production, carried out in a quite disciplined way, is mainly to prevent prices from falling even further.