PORTLAND, Ore. - Made in its FSC-certified plant in Hubbard, Oregon, Formology's CrossCORE architectural panels are made with solid oak, walnut, ash, Douglas fir and solid pine wood.
Formology says CrossCORE architectural panels combine the natural beauty of solid wood and the high performance of cross laminated engineering to create visually stunning panels with better dimensional stability than standard edge-glued lumber.
CrossCORE panels can be made with any wood species including Formology’s standard varieties of White Oak, Walnut, White Ash, Douglas Fir and Pine.
“CrossCORE is a unique product. It allows flexibility for designers to create visually stunning, high-end, structurally sound products,” said Formology co-founder Dirk Wallace.
The three layer engineering of CrossCORE panels creates a functionally balanced material with very high resistance to warping, splitting or cracking. The panel design also results in a unique modern edge aesthetic and promotes responsible use of raw material by allowing wider color/grain variation in the core and back layers. CrossCORE panels are ideal for use in cabinetry, case goods, furniture, tables, benching, wall and ceiling cladding, countertops and more.
“The CrossCORE panels have already proven to meet the expectations and needs of local architects and designers. They have been sourced and installed for both commercial and residential projects. We take pride in every single product that we make at our facility,” said Mike Lipke, Formology president.

Formology describes itself as a total solutions provider utilizing sustainable materials and innovative fabrication to transform raw and existing materials into products designed to showcase the natural beauty. The entire transformation from beginning to end occurs at its 55,000 square-foot facility in Hubbard, Oregon.

Whether remanufacturing structural beams into architectural panels, milling solid wood into surfaces, up-cycling agricultural byproducts or using raw materials to produce high-quality furniture and finished goods, the story is one of transformation. More information on the CrossCORE architectural panels are available at www.formologyproducts.com.
Source: Formology

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