NORTH PLAINS, OR- Jewett-Cameron Lumber's parent says it asked to be delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). It already lists on NASDAQ and thinks one exchange is enough.  With dual listings, Jewett-Cameron Lumber sees little trading in Toronto. At NASDAQ its trades as JCTCF.

Jewett-Cameron Trading Company, the parent firm, is a holding company for Jewett-Cameron Lumber, which  manufactures metal products and wholesale distributes wood products to home centers and other retailers  in the United States.

A sister company, Greenwood Products, is a processor and distributor of industrial wood and birch and redwood plywood, and marine plywood and wood for transportation industries in the United States. It also owns the  Avenger Products line of saw blades.

For its most recent quarterly report ended May 31, 2012, Jewett-Cameron reported sales of $35 million for the first nine months of the year, up about 12 percent. A favorable ruling from the Oregon Supreme Court regarding acquisition of inventory by Greenwood Products received in February 2012, the Company reversed $1,450,363 of its litigation reserve adding $2,288,897to net income in the prior year's period.

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