PITTSBURG - FEIN Power Tools, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, has announced a major upgrade to its MultiMaster oscillating power tool that will increase productivity of professional contractors on the job site or in the workshop. The tool’s increased power capacity will help complete jobs faster while its lower vibration and noise levels will improve ergonomics and lessen operator fatigue.

Upgraded Fein Multimaster Has 35% More Power, 50% Less NoiseThe new FMM 350Q MultiMaster is an all-in-one tool for interior construction professionals performing original installation or rehabilitation work. It is useful on windows, floors, in kitchens, bathrooms, stairs and some exterior work. This adaptable tool can also be used for automotive aftermarket work, on boats, in the workshop and even model building.

The 35% increased power of the FMM 350Q is achieved with a new high-performance 350W motor that has a balanced armature with ball bearings at both ends for smooth operation. Additionally, a new fan provides optimal air throughput and motor cooling and a new tacho generator provides constant speed under loads and infinitely variable speed control.

The 50% less noise means that sound pressure measured in Pa is about half of the previous MultiMaster model when tested and measured while running at maximum speed. In addition, it was significantly lower when tested against competitive oscillating tools.

The 70% reduction in vibration is the result of the FMM 350Q’s housing being completely independent of the motor thanks to flexible dampening elements. Depending on the accessory being used and the application the MultiMaster will only reach a vibration class level 0. Even in the worst case only a class1 level will be reached. This ergonomic improvement will be of special interest to contractors because the tool can be used up to eight times longer before industry-acceptable daily vibration stress is reached.

Complementing these new tool attributes are several additions and upgrades to FEIN accessories for the MultiMaster including a grout cleaning set, extra-narrow long-life E-cut saw blades plus the new BIM Long-Life E-cut saw blades are nail resistant and very robust when they come in contact with masonry and other hard materials. In addition, the tool provides dust-free working when combined with the new FEIN Turbo II vacuum system.

FEIN, founded in 1867 invented the first power tool—the electric hand drill in

1895. The company holds approximately 500 patents and patent applications. FEIN products are distributed worldwide through 19 international subsidiaries.

Source: FEIN

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